Microscopic Proven Hair Loss Treatments Check Up

Hair Health Check Up

Life moves forward at a fast rate of knots. Things are forever changing and challenging. The environment is changing as is your exposure to the unseen. Stress fluctuates leaving an impact on your endocrine system and we have this thing called age…

Hair Health is reflective of body health and things can and do change. Once your hair health has returned, don’t take it for granted. Simple measures can be continued to protect your hair such as:

  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Scalp Cleansing
  • Topical antioxidant applications such as Activance

It is also a good idea to have a regular Hair Health Check Up to ensure hair health keeps moving forward and in the event things have changed we can implement strategies to address them before the Hair Health deteriorates. If you have had a Microscopic Scope Session and Proven Hair Loss Treatments we will match that and develop a Scope Comparison to accurately see how the hair health is faring. If we don’t have a Scope Session recorded for you to compare to we can check locations over the scalp as we did in your Hair Health Check or you can come and have your very first Hair Health Check experience.

Coming out of Proven Hair Loss Treatments and when on HomeCare it is a good idea to have a Hair Health Check Up every 6 months. When all is going well annual Hair Health Check Up will suffice and also keep you updated with the latest technology for your health and hair. Hair Health Check Up takes up to 75 minutes and costs $200. If a comparison is required a follow up visit of up to 30 minutes is included.

Microscopic Proven Hair Loss Treatments Check Up

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