Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments

There are 60-80 essential and trace minerals required by the human body every day. Each mineral has synergists and antagonists. A synergist works with other minerals and an antagonist works against other minerals. Most minerals have many synergists and antagonists. This is important to understand when using supplements especially to address a mineral deficiency or overload as is common with iron.

Supporting only the iron will in turn cause fluctuations in other minerals levels in the body. This is where it is imperative to understand providing all of the minerals preferably in a liquid organic form, is required as well as the iron. As we have discussed previously, you also need to understand if you need elemental or inorganic iron to raise iron levels or organic iron to support ferritin and storage.

Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments:

  • 60-80 minerals are required by the human body everyday
  • Organic liquid iron is the preferred source
  • Take in a pH alkaline environment
  • Don’t combine elemental inorganic iron with organic minerals

Organic liquid minerals are the best source and will be pretty much guaranteed to absorb if taken in a pH alkaline environment. At Absolique Hair Health Clinic we choose Modere Green Qi to create the alkaline environment and mix with their Liquid Minerals as all ingredients are tested for purity and safety every batch. Some over the counter alkalizers and minerals supplements are not safely derived and may do the opposite of what we are trying to achieve or simply not work.

Organic liquid mineral supplement is the preferred source as we are supposed to get minerals from food. Minerals were historically found in the soil. The plants would convert the minerals into an organic form, and we would ingest absorbable minerals from eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grain and animals who ate the same or the grass grown in the soil. Sadly, our soils have changed, increased population has forced agriculture to only use certain minerals as fertilizers, then other chemicals and pesticides are required.

The modern result, the minerals are no longer in the soil in most places in the world. For the general population, it is much easier to use a simple daily supplement of Modere Liquid Minerals to ensure all minerals are working in synergy. Contact Absolique Trichologist if you would like further information about minerals in the body as we have many resources available.

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Minerals with Hair Loss Treatments