Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss

22 Oct 2018 Products
Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss

Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss

We wear make-up most days of our adult life, this means the ingredients in the makeup are in contact with our skin for at least 8 hours, five days a week = 40 hours a week or around 2,000 hours a year! With Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss we start to learn how chemicals impact our body, we need to understand the chemicals are in our makeup and personal care products too. Click here to watch 80,000 Chemicals

Our makeup helps us to create the look that makes us feel good about ourselves, so the look and feel of the product we use is important. We have our trusted and favourite brands, but how do they stand up to the chemical test list? How safe are they for our skin and long-term health? Absolique Hair Health Clinic would like to introduce you to the Modere Colour Makeup Range. The range is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free, Australian made, infused with botanicals, high quality makeup.

Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss:

  • Primer
  • Mineral foundations, powders and liquids
  • Eyeshadow and mascara
  • Cheek colours and bronzer
  • Lipsticks and lip glosses

For existing Modere members you can view the Colour Makeup Range online at and feel free to reach out to us at Absolique Hair Health Clinic for any recommendations as director and Trichologist, I use both the skin care and make up ranges and happy to share my favourite products.

Absolique recently held a successful Modere Makeup test and try session where we all got to see what the colours looked like on our skin and play with textures and blending ideas. We would like to hold another one in the future so please email your interest to so we can put you on the reserved list as numbers to these intimate gatherings will be limited.

For more information on Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss, for a copy of our ‘Toxic Decoder Information Sheet’, and to share your hair loss, hair thinning or scalp conditions, please email or call us on 07 3229 3242. You can also check us out, read our blogs, newsletters and watch our videos at

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