Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss

Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss

Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss

Keeping in the theme of reducing use and exposure to harmful ingredients and xenoestrogens, Modere have launched the New Modere Colour Makeup Range. Absolique use and recommend Modere for our nutritional programs treatment for hair Loss because of their commitment to safe products.

For women, we can spend 50% of the day with makeup on our skin. Stop and think about the ingredients. The most popular makeup brands contain many harmful ingredients which are not clearly labeled on the products or packaging.

Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss:

  • Safe
  • BPA free packaging
  • Natural mineral pigments
  • Certified organic botanicals
  • No potentially harmful ingredients
  • No animal products
  • No animal testing
  • Affordable

In keeping with Modere philosophy, Modere colour boasts a full story of honest, bold, safer and botanically inspired makeup designed to go hand in hand with the existing skincare range – all created to enhance natural beauty from the inside out. Colour that’s clean and safe, with BPA free packaging, natural mineral pigments and certified organic botanicals and without potentially harmful ingredients, animal products or animal testing.

We had the pleasure of a private viewing of the New Modere Makeup range. There is everything you could want for your base makeup kit. Primer, liquid and pressed powder foundations, great range of individual eyeshadows, check colours and bronzer, lipsticks and lip glosses, mascara and pencils to come. Do yourself and your skin a favor, make the switch to Modere Colour.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information on Modere Colour Makeup and Treatment for Hair Loss. You can also request a free copy or our toxic decoder listing harmful ingredients and xenoestrogens. Email Absolique Trichologist at or phone 07 3229 3242 to talk to our wonderful reception team.

Check out New Modere Colour here:

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