My Story – Hair Loss Treatments

As a hairdresser I have always loved hair, your hair, my hair and everyone’s hair. Then I was intrigued, interested and enveloped into the world of Trichology.

I qualified as a Trichologist when I was in my mid twenties, loving all that I had learnt, but quickly realising I had the power to diagnose hair loss in general but had limited resources for successful Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

Then when I was 27 I stopped the pill. I had been taking the same one consistently since I was 16. I knew from my Trichology qualification the diffuse hair loss could occur 3 months after stopping or starting the pill, I could not remember having hair loss when I started (but I was an apprentice teenage hairdresser doing crazy things with my hair) so I figured I could be in for some hair loss. Well the rule is 3 months and I can guarantee you it was to the day that my hair shedding (diffuse hair loss) began and as the text books say, it will and did continue for 3 long months. My hair was so thin, I could not do anything with it, and I know how to do hair! Once the hair loss stopped, thank god when the text book said, exactly 3 months later, the text book also said that my normal hair volume and density would return after 9 months. So I accepted this, got a short hair cut and waited, and waited, and waited and realised my hair was not growing back!

By this time I was working in the hair replacement industry and was learning the art of hair extensions, so I thought with all my wisdom and textbook knowledge that whilst I was waiting I would get hair extensions to add the volume and length I lopped off back to my hair. Well, did I feel great, had an amazing head of hair (not mine) looked great but boy hair is expensive and the microbeads sure hurt and are hard to hide, but that’s ok, my hair is growing back, right.

12 months later my hair industry friends who were maintaining my hair extensions convinced me that the hair extensions were causing hair breakage and that I must take them out. With much sadness I let go of my bought mane of hair and was devastated at what little there was left of my hair.

I had to have such a short hair cut and pretend I liked it, but I had no choice, still I thought my hair would grow back. 2 years passed and my hair health was not returning, I was using hair pieces, wigs and anything to help me feel good about my hair. Then I met a dear friend who had another method of hair extensions, so I thought I would give it a go, still wondering why my hair had not grown back. Again I loved the hair extensions but it proved to be doing the same damage, so again I had the hair extensions removed and had to get a short haircut.

Following my last short haircut back in 2007 I embarked on a microscopic journey of trailing, testing and results with many combination therapies for my patients hair loss, still without full understanding of what had changed with my hair cycle. With my continued microscopic work with my client’s hair cycle I finally realised, our hair does not always return as it should after diffuse hair loss.

This was fascinating and made so much sense, it happened to me, is happening to my clients, there must be a common reason why? So another journey began, testing as it was costing me much time, money and a failed business venture that was supposed to support my research, low a behold I ended up with an iron deficiency. Guess what iron deficiency does, causes diffuse hair loss, here we go again, the hair fell and fell and I had hair loss for another 3 months. The best part about this is I was now ready with some Hair Loss Treatments to try to bring the hair back to what is was and what better test case than me.

Carolyn Evans-Frost Before Hair Loss Treatments

Carolyn Evans-Frost Before Hair Loss Treatments

I have the before shot, bad hair, bad colour, all bad. And I did decide to use a healthy colour change with my new safe hair extensions to begin on my own Hair Loss Treatments path. My Hair Loss Treatment continued for 4 months in clinic whilst I was also doing HomeCare and using my nutritionals, and had the hair extensions in and out every 8 weeks till the time came that my staff said the new hair growing was strong, healthy and different to that on the ends of my hair. So the next time I had my extensions out I decided to leave them out for a few days which turned into a few weeks because of time restraints which I am now so thankful for as I learnt to appreciate that my hair re-growth and I no longer needed hair extensions, I was we’ll on my way to gaining my hair back, and that’s what I wanted, my own hair.

So another short hair cut but definitely not as extreme as I had to do in the past, but this time I have my hair cycle back, my hair is growing properly again and I will follow what I have learnt, experienced and share with others and continue to improve my methods, get quicker and better results and most of all be there to help other women through the trauma of hair loss and Hair Loss Treatments.

Because I have lived the story, experienced the journey, my passion to help is more than the science I know, it is skin deep and very spiritual to me, I know this is my destiny to teach the women of the world how to handle and treat the ups and downs surrounding hair loss and the journey through Hair Loss Treatments and back to hair health.

Carolyn Evans-Frost After Hair Loss Treatments and still going!

Carolyn Evans-Frost After Hair Loss Treatments and still going!

Author – Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic

After thought – to this day information, education, study, science and participation continues to improve my hair heath. I have better hair now than when I was 12 and I thought I had good hair then. We simply don’t understand as a society the things which can and do effect the hair cycle throughout life including childhood.

My Story – Hair Loss Treatments

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