Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Following on from Holiday Hair Loss Treatments with your topical hair growth products, we can also relax slightly with hair loss treatments combination therapy hair loss treatments. The first four months is the most important so try your very best to stick your treatment plan which would include the Green Qi and nutritional supplements twice a day every day on a hungry empty tummy.

However we do understand Christmas time can be difficult with lots of festive food around and potentially eating out while on holidays. So just like everything else we teach you, balance is the key. So maybe on Christmas day you could have your morning Green Qi and drop out the one in the afternoon, but you would never skip a whole day altogether or do this on consecutive days and never for longer than 3 weeks.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies after the first 4 months of hair loss treatments:

  • Morning Green Qi drink
  • 10 to 20ml Mineral Drink
  • 2 EFA Krill
  • 2 Adult Multi-Vitamin
  • 2 Antioxidant
  • Probiotic where prescribed
  • Any additional nutrition where prescribed at ½ dose

Please keep in mind this is ‘Optional’, as it is best recommended that you follow your complete combination therapy hair loss treatment plan precisely as instructed especially in the first four months of hair loss treatments. We are just letting you know things can be a little flexible but be sure not to do this unless it is absolutely unavoidable and to make the most of your holiday time.

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies