Natural Hair Loss Treatments After Care

As humans we create new habits so quickly. We are forever manipulating our time to make things suit our busy schedules. When it comes to Hair Loss Treatments and ensuring you get and maintain the result, continued attention to how you perform your HomeCare is very important. My goal is to help you correct your hair problems so that you will never need my help again, as you will learn from the causes and symptoms so you can forever do simple prevention and treatment.

Recently I have seen many of clients returning for assistance because they fell off their simple prevention and maintenance HomeCare program. Don’t get me wrong, love catching up with all of my clients, but is just sad for me to see some of the original problems we fixed return simply because life got in the way.

Nutrition and pH balance is a big part of body balance and in turn healthy hair and prevention or indication of new or recurring problems. Either use the safe supplements we have recommended in maintenance doe or find the following from your food:

  • 60 – 70 Essential Plant derived Minerals
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins – Fat Soluble and Water Soluble

By following the simple things we teach you will keep you and your hair healthy, and if you ever have a question or concern, consider Absolique your hair family, we are here for you, no matter how little or big your concerns are.

A good way to maintain your HomeCare regime is 6 monthly visits for Scope Sessions so we can check in and compare with your last session, this ensures everything is on track and if things are going wrong we can correct them. If things are going well, we can also reduce your HomeCare, either way it is good news.

Too check your last visit and see if you are ready for your 6 month check ‘Scope Session’ contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic reception on 07 3229 324207 3229 3242.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments After Care

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