Natural Hair Loss Treatments Start with Scalp Cleansing

Scalp is skin so why are your washing your scalp skin with a hair shampoo. Skin and hair are completely different in anatomy and physiology, they are made from very different cellular processes and also have very different structures and functions for the body. Scalp skin is pretty much like the skin on your face and the rest of your body. Would you wash the rest of your skin or specifically your face with a hair shampoo, please say no!


Scalp cleanser was specifically designed to safely clean and protect scalp skin, it will not strip the scalp skin but will use specific ingredients to ensure the scalp skin is left clean, without any harmful ingredients. The old understanding of scalp cleansers is associated with dandruff shampoos.


Natural Hair Loss Treatments Start with Scalp Cleansing:

  • Absolique Scalp Cleanser cleanses the scalp
  • A clean scalp can absorb natural hair loss treatments
  • Always begin with scalp brush therapy
  • If hair is longer than 15cm you do need a prescriptive hair shampoo & conditioner
  • Absolique Scalp Cleanser is not a hair shampoo for hair over 15cm long
  • Absolique Scalp Cleanser has a positive effect on most scalp dandruff
  • Absolique Scalp Cleanser contains NO harmful ingredients
  • Hair growth products won’t work if they can’t absorb into the scalp
  • Chemicals in hair growth products damage the intrinsic scalp balance


Absolique scalp cleanser is not a dandruff shampoo, but it will clean away the scale associated with dandruff and won’t damage the scalp skin in the process much like many of the popular tar, SLS, chemical, anti-fungal base dandruff shampoos available. Most of the dandruff shampoos do indeed clean the scale away, however they actually create a terrible cycle of continued use with no cure in sight.


The other consideration is the hair, a scalp cleanser or a dandruff shampoo are not suitable for most hair types. If the hair is longer that 15 cm you really do need to be using a prescriptive hair shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Absolique scalp cleanser is not a hair shampoo.


Following 2-3 minutes of scalp brush therapy and once you feel the signs, directly after, not 1/2 hour later, the easiest way to wash your scalp and hair is in the shower. Wet the hair down, just like you would if you were preparing to wash the hair, but instead of grabbing the hair shampoo pick up Absolique Scalp Cleanser, always shake the bottle, and squeeze as much as the top of the lid cap into one hand, then distribute between both hands, then apply to the scalp, not the hair, but directly to the scalp.


This product has no harmful foaming agents, so it will not foam until the scalp is clean. Absolique Scalp Cleanser will never foam on the first application after scalp brush therapy. It will foam once the scalp is clean, the very first time you ever use Absolique Scalp Cleanser you may need to rinse and repeat applying and rinsing to reapply up to 4 times to get a good foam, because the scalp was far from clean.


So rinse and repeat as many times as it takes to get a foam from Absolique Scalp Cleanser to be sure the scalp is clean. Depending on your hair concerns and treatment recommendations you may follow Absolique scalp Cleanser with Absolique Scalp Tonique, which has a totally different purpose and application and will depend on your individual hair loss or hair thinning diagnosis, which you should have by now and your Hair Loss Treatments may also include Absolique GRN or our favoured Activance leave in treatment.


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Natural Hair Loss Treatments Start with Scalp Cleansing