Never Too Late For Hair Loss Treatments

40 years of scalp problems, broken sleep and hair thinning Kevin who is now in his seventies was recommended by his hairdresser to visit a Trichologist to find if there was help or hope.

Kevin found Hair Loss Treatments through Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T at Absolique Hair Health Clinic where many causes for his hair, scalp and sleep problems were discovered through the eyes of the microscope.

Kevin has taken medications many times and is currently on medication. Kevin’s irritated, sensitive, dehydrated scalp with little blood flow from the capillaries attached to the hair bulb are a side effect in part to systemic prescription medications. Also found was a disturbed hair cycle meaning Kevin’s genetic hair was not growing as it should which most would put down to age, but age is not a factor here but more so accumulation of time counted by years. And to top it off Kevin has male pattern thinning caused by DHT Dihydrotestosterone and also related to prostate problems which are the cause of Kevin’s broken sleep. Kevin had not slept through one full night in over 20 years!

Combination of problems requiring a combination of therapy was discussed and accepted. Kevin who said he had nothing to lose. Here are some of the things Kevin had to do as part of his combination therapy for Hair Loss Treatments:

  • pH test and alkalize for body balance and neutral environment to absorb natural DHT blockers and nutritional supplements
  • Take natural DHT blockers and men’s health product Prostality
  • Take nutritional supplements for body balance and correct cell function whilst addressing some deficiencies related to the hair cycle, hair cell and scalp conditions
  • Learn how to wash his hair for hair loss treatments and scalp stimulation including scalp brush therapy, scalp cleansing & scalp tonique
  • Prepare the scalp for absorption of topical applications to stabilize hair cycle, block DHT and start moving the DHT away
  • Attend in clinic correctional hair loss treatments 12 times within 4 months
  • And stay happy, healthy and positive for the entire time


Kevin also chose to make some lifestyle and diet changes as he figured it would only help after reading up on body pH balance. Kevin was very diligent with the hair loss treatment program and in return he achieved amazing results, see Hair Loss Treatments Before and After images microscopic below.

Kevin was so happy with his results he has continued with a maintenance program in clinic and also HomeCare regime which is simply now just the way he washes his hair. He has also continued with the nutritional supplementation and Prostality as he has felt so many health benefits including now being able to sleep straight through the night.

Here are some thoughts Kevin shared throughout his journey through our feedback program for hair loss treatments:

“My appointments with Absolique are not just hair treatment session but a more enjoyable and pleasant social outing”

“If you need help with any “hair issues” you may have then the place to go to is Absolique. The charming and helpful ladies will work with you to speedily bring about a successful resolution to whatever those hair issues may be. Don’t delay- go there today”

“I am a believer that to get a lot done you should do a little bit often. And that is what has happened during my period of treatment for hair and scalp issues at Absolique. I have no alternative but to feel that I am in much better shape now having been in the hands of the team and it can only get better as I venture forth along their maintenance path. Congratulations to Carolyn, Sarah, Lena, Falon and Kate for the level of hair and inner care that kept me from dropping out along the way”

“So far so good. Have been delighted to find that level of service continues at a high standard each week. Also progress continues towards complete resolution of my earlier hair and scalp issues”

“I have been delighted to pass on the message to whoever will listen about the results of my hair and scalp treatments at Absolique. When asked whether they were successful I simply reply…Absoliquely”

“Some with hair issues may search and never find a solution. That means they never discovered Carolyn and her wonderful Absolique team. I did and I continue to enjoy the benefits of Carolyns wide knowledge as well as the pleasant attitude of the Salon’s caring team who are like a second family.  Good work Ladies for a job well done over the past year”

This story demonstrates it is never too late to ask for help, you never know if you never go and as we say be careful what you wish for because it may come true as it did for Kevin!

For diagnosis and to find out more hair loss treatments contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic.


Never Too Late For Hair Loss Treatments Before and After Images Microscopic

Never Too Late For Hair Loss Treatments Before and After Images Microscopic

Never too Late for Hair Loss Treatments

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