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The next step to Consultation and gathering all health and hair history is Microscopic Diagnosis of the Hair Cycle. To determine what is happening with your hair we need to establish your genetic hair type. This can be seen at the back of the head and referred to as the terminal area. In the terminal area you will never experience Pattern Thinning, which tends to be the main focus of the majority of hair concerns, but can commonly be misinterpreted.

Looking at the hair cycle we can see your normal hair type as in the diameter of your hair shaft as it should grow, the distribution as in density, spaces between the hairs, if there are any empty follicles, are the hairs actually growing out of the scalp as they should be.

New Treatments for Hair Loss – Hair Health Check – The main things the microscope can show:

  • Your hair type
  • Current diffuse hair loss
  • Past diffuse hair loss
  • Read the hair cycle
  • Compare to pattern thinning area
  • Establish accurate diagnosis
  • Give options to treat all symptoms and causes

Pattern Thinning, being Female Pattern Thinning or Male Pattern Thinning can have an early onset which is not following your hereditary history when the hair cell and hair cycle are not functioning as they should. This is important knowledge as most treatments focused on Pattern Thinning never look at or address the hair cell or hair cycle.

Microscopic diagnosis helps us to understand and then address all symptoms and causes in order or in Complete Combination Therapy. New Treatments for Hair Loss – Hair Health Check cost is $200 and takes up to 75 minutes, please don’t wash your hair for 2 days before your appointment. To make a booking call Absolique Hair Health Clinic team on 07 3229 3242 or email Trichologist for more information.

New Treatments for Hair Loss – Hair Health Check


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