Nutrition and Holiday Hair Loss Treatments

It is important to remember when you are following a Nutrition program or inhibiting dihydrotestosterone (DHT) naturally with HairScripts or Prostality that you ensure effective absorption by taking the natural supplements with the green drink Green Qi. Normal dosage is to take 1 tablet twice a day with Green Qi during Hair Loss Treatments. For a short time only such as holiday times you can follow the maintenance instructions and take both of your DHT inhibitors with one Green Qi daily. When on the nutritional program you can half the doses of the following to:

  • Feroxin – (15ml 1/day)
  • EFA Krill Complex (1/day)
  • Revenol (2/day)
  • Orachel remains the same (2/day)
  • CPil Plus (2/day)

All must be taken with Green Qi (1/day) for holiday time only and for no longer than 2 weeks. If you are away from refrigeration or finding it difficult to travel with liquid, you can temporarily stop the liquid mineral Feroxin and take Orachel (4/day). Keep in mind Orachel will not deliver the 60 Essential Minerals as provided by Feroxin but for the short term (2 weeks) you can do this. It’s recommended to return to your full doses of nutritionals twice daily with Green Qi as soon as possible. If you are in the first 6 weeks of in Clinic or HomeCare Hair Loss Treatments it is advised that you stay on full dosages twice a day for the best results. Happy Holidays!


Nutrition and Holiday Hair Loss Treatments

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