Nutrition and Pregnancy with Hair Loss Treatments

Nutrition and Pregnancy with Hair Loss Treatments

Nutrition and Pregnancy with Hair Loss Treatments

Nutrition is more than calories for energy. Nutrition is what the food types are broken down to for cellular function. The elements we need to obtain, in order of importance are; minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and good bacteria. Having good nutrition will assist avoiding nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies occur when there is poor nutrition whether it be from lack of the right food or digestion and absorption issues.

We all need good nutrition for good health. This is just as or more important when trying to fall pregnant, during pregnancy and post-partum whether breast feeding or not. When the body is nutrient deficient, it will be more difficult to fall pregnant. There are many cellular functions required to conceive, if there is limited nutrition available, say little iron or ferritin for energy and oxygen, things can go wrong.

Nutrition and Pregnancy with Hair Loss Treatments, what your body needs:

  • Nutritional elements not just calorie value
  • Minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and good bacteria
  • Address deficiencies
  • Take a pre-pregnancy safe supplement
  • Avoid high levels of Vitamin A

During pregnancy it is important to get enough nutrition for both of you. This does not mean eating for cravings, rather eating for the nutrients required. Cravings are called pika and indicate a mineral deficiency. When experiencing morning sickness, it may be difficult to keep or even consume required nutrition. This is where importance of preparation comes in. Just say you have practised good nutrition through food and supplementation prior to pregnancy, then things may be a little easier to maintain during difficult pregnancies.

Deficiencies must be addressed also particularly low levels of iron and ferritin as these will be drawn on by your growing baby. A safe pre-pregnancy supplement is also recommended. Watch your blood tests and assist moving levels with food where possible and safe supplements. Always let your doctor know if you are taking supplements, just so they know and avoid high levels of Vitamin A as commonly found in hair, skin and nail supplements. Also avoid all chemicals and anything to do with blocking, stopping or addressing DHT, both oral and topical.

Absolique Trichologist can safely guide you though pregnancy for both health and hair and to also avoid the post-partum hair loss that is a normal part of pregnancy. The more work we do to prepare and ensure nutritional levels are in place, the less likely is its to happen or with a lessor timeframe and importantly, quick recovery. Email Absolique Trichologist for more information on Nutrition and Pregnancy with Hair Loss Treatments. Call 07 3229 3242 to inquire about hair loss treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

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