Organic Hair Care with Trichologist Brisbane

Organic Hair Care with Trichologist Brisbane

Organic Hair Care with Trichologist Brisbane

Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Trichologist Brisbane are so proud to team with OWAY Organic Hair Care Products as they meet with our strict philosophy of organic, safe and sustainable along with the extra benefits of biodynamic, using essential oils safely and gently extracted, hydrolates and pure micronized plants from biodynamic farming.

We have been working with these organic hair care products hands on in our new private organic hair salon for twelve weeks now and we are all impressed. Please understand how much due diligence goes into choosing any new product at Absolique, they must pass many tests on ingredients, where and how they are grown and derived, how the essential elements are maintained to be active and importantly, what they do not include as in any harmful ingredients. Once the tests are all ticked off, we then need to establish if the organic hair care products work.

Organic Hair Care with Trichologist Brisbane:

  • Prescriptive hair care recommendations
  • Active ingredients with essential oils
  • Organic way
  • Only safe ingredients, no synthetics
  • Oway organic hair care products actually work

The initial focus for Absolique was prescriptive hair shampoo and hair conditioner to assist with hair management during hair loss treatment. Our focus is at the scalp level however we understand how important it is to look after the hair at the same time. As I write this, I reflect on an experience in our private organic hair salon today. I had a client with curly hair and current hair loss, losing up to 300 a day and only washing the hair once a week. When I realized it was not only hair loss but also past diffuse hair damage, the hair was not growing as it should which compromises the structure of the hair. This can make the hair feel dry, appear as hair breakage and make the hair frizzy, tangled hair and difficult to manage hair along whilst dealing with the stress of hair loss.

During our program induction, which is teaching one how to do the hair loss treatment at home, I applied my prescription of a moisture bath and mask with amazing results. The hair was much easier to manage as I worked through to reach the scalp to teach home care hair loss treatment. My client was so impressed she would not leave without the organic hair care products. Here at Absolique we do not sell anything, we are professionals and we only prescribe, and the products speak for themselves.

Trialling and testing OWAY Organic Hair Care is inhouse, with all team Absolique involved. We put our hair washing regime on trial in our new organic hair salon and we have all fallen in love with the honesty of the OWAY ingredients and the amazing active ingredients that leave a lasting and accumulative effect on the hair shaft. Imagine, each time you wash your hair with our prescriptive OWAY formula, you are rebuilding your hair strands. Prescriptive hair shampoo and conditioner are based on your individual hair type and status of hair loss and hair thinning, please reach out by phone or email if you would like your own prescriptive hair shampoo and conditioner. Prescriptive scalp cleansing is still required, hair products are not suitable for the scalp and will compromise hair loss treatment. For more information on Organic Hair Care with Trichologist Brisbane, email Carolyn at or call 07 3229 3242, you can also check out our new organic hair salon services at

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