Pattern Hair Thinning is not the same as physical Hair Loss

Hair thinning is not visual hair loss. Hair thinning can be diffuse or in patterns. The typical pattern thinning is female pattern thinning and male pattern thinning. Female pattern thinning and male pattern thinning will only ever effect the top, front, recessions, crown and or sides of the head. Pattern hair thinning is not diffuse, and is not hair loss.

Pattern thinning is caused by DHT, dihydrotestosterone. DHT has a function in the body which is responsible in part for the function of the integumentary system. Our integumentary system is our skin system, this is a little important as it holds us together and is our outer protection and antennae to the outside world.

Pattern Hair Thinning is not the same as physical Hair Loss:

  • Pattern thinning is not hair actually falling out
  • Female pattern thinning is always in a typical pattern of hair thinning
  • Male pattern thinning is always in a typical pattern of hair thinning
  • DHT causes pattern thinning
  • Diffuse hair thinning is the most common cause of hair thinning over the entire scalp
  • Diffuse hair thinning will drive pattern thinning to move faster

DHT is not bad, as mentioned, it has a very important role in the body, plus it is also a precursor to other enzyme reactions responsible for some body hormones. All hormones are part of the Endocrine System. Most functions in the body are controlled by a specific system but these intricate systems can also overlap in function and requirements.

With female pattern thinning and male pattern thinning, DHT is triggered to bind to the Androgen receptor of the hair bulbs only in the pattern thinning area. The triggers are hereditary, hormonal, environmental and the free radical effect. These days most of us have more than one trigger. Typically pattern thinning was predominant in men because it is a dominate gene, whether it is from mother’s side or fathers side, if you inherit it, you have the tendency. For women the gene is recessive, meaning you need to inherit from both mother and father and normally combined with a hormonal influence.

These days with all the other influences, any one of us can find ourselves with female pattern thinning or male pattern thinning because we are all exposed to the hormonal, environmental and free radical effect exposure of modern society. We can learn where these influences come from and avoid them but we also need protect ourselves by ensuring our immune systems are functioning at optimal, our body storage of essential nutrients are always at full tank. On top of that we can use the power of modern technology and take the most natural and potent antioxidants to protect all of our bodies cells not only our hair.

I must mention here how important it is to check in on your hair cycle if you notice pattern thinning. If the hair cell is compromised then the immune system of that cell will not have all its soldiers in place, so this DHT can come in with no army to fight. As a modern Trichologist I am seeing this all the time with early onset female pattern thinning and early onset male pattern thinning. Diffuse hair loss and diffuse hair thinning are the major drivers of early onset pattern thinning. Understanding hair and health history, meaning has your genetic hair type changed? Has health influenced this?

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Pattern Hair Thinning is not the same as physical Hair Loss