Pattern Thinning Hair is not Hair Loss

This is so misunderstood universally. It is a specific pattern of thinning documented throughout the decades, and has a distinct pattern that so happens to effect at the front, top, crown and recessions of the hair, right in front of where you can see you hair, right where the light will hit your hair and scalp and right at the most important area of hair on your head that frames your face.

Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning are not hair loss! The use of the words ‘Hair Loss’ are misinterpreted, one may think because the hair is visually thinning, that the hair is falling out. When I put the question to my clients, the answers are confused, because most don’t understand the difference between hair loss and hair thinning, especially when it relates to ‘Pattern Thinning’.

Pattern Thinning Hair is not Hair Loss:

  • Pattern thinning causes hairs to shrink
  • Normal terminal hairs will gradually shrink to transitional hairs
  • Transitional hairs will gradually shrink to vellus hairs
  • Vellus hairs will gradually be empty follicles
  • Pattern thinning can be prevented naturally
  • Pattern thinning is not hair loss, the hair does not fall out, it gradually shrinks

What we teach you through microscopic diagnosis is how to understand the difference between hair loss as in hair actually falling out and hair thinning diffusely compared to pattern thinning. For most people what they think is happening, the pattern thinning, is actually more of a diffuse thinning happening all over the head, but only noticed at the front. In most cases the diffuse problem when corrected at a cellular level, and combining with the topical natural hair loss solutions we offer, the pattern thinning can be overcome without any direct treatment.

Pattern Thinning is caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and is part of every human body’s integumentary system. It is actually responsible for your body hair! DHT can be triggered to attach to the hair bulb receptors by hereditary, hormonal, and environmental and these days free radical damage.

Once again this is not hair loss as in hair falling out. If you do not have a distinct hereditary pattern for your age then you need to investigate your hair cellular function and if your hair cycle has been disturbed, to weaken the immune system of the cell to allow the DHT in or if your health and gut immunity are compromised and allowing free radicals and environmental factors take effect on your health.

An easy check in is through pH testing, knowing your pH will teach you what your body is doing or not doing. pH is an insight to all that is working or not working in your body and must be known and understood to take natural DHT blockers, antioxidants and nutritional supplements that may be recommended for cellular health through nutrition.

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Pattern Thinning Hair is not Hair Loss