pH and Your New Hair Loss Treatments

pH is a learning curb when embarking on New Hair Loss Treatments at Absolique. pH reflects more than the food you eat today! Our bodies accumulate toxins (Free Radicals) from the day we are born. Think about your past, what you have been exposed to through food, lifestyle and the ever changing environment plus medications, immunization, chemicals, pesticides. How many times and how often have you been exposed to these elements? Consider the effect these Free Radicals have on your immune system, hair loss or hair thinning, the very reason you are doing New Hair Loss Treatments.

Through nutrition from food our body is supposed to have all it needs to support all body functions including our immune system. Modern living has been letting us down for a long time and our body’s immune systems are running on empty, which allows for the Free Radicals to take over our bodies and cause havoc to the body and in turn hair. Understanding how this effects pH will help with New Hair Loss Treatments.

Often clients pH testing change some things in their life and wonder why their pH does not automatically change. Your cells store free radicals in your fat cells as the body did not identify what they were and they stay with you, lowering your pH.

pH and Your New Hair Loss Treatments:

  • pH test first morning urine
  • pH needs to be 7.0 or above
  • When pH is lower than 7.0 use Green Qi
  • Mix Green Qi with filtered water
  • Use Green Qi drink to take nutritional supplements

To achieve successful Hair Loss Treatments you don’t necessarily need to raise your pH as we will help your body be in the required zone when taking supplements, but one must understand that if the pH does not raise on its own with healthful changes, you have Free Radicals in your body, and they can be removed, if you wish.

The process is called Oral Chelation Therapy, it entails a simple eating plan and supplementation for a period of 3-4 months. For more information on Oral Chelation Therapy contact Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic and in the meantime just drink the Green Qi!!!!

pH and Your New Hair Loss Treatments

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