pH Balance with Trichologist Brisbane

pH Balance with Trichologist Brisbane

pH Balance with Trichologist Brisbane

Acid Buffer is Absolique night time alkalizer. Use acid buffer if your morning pH is below 7.0 or if you have anything acid during the day. Acid things can be food, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol and overeating. These things are typical of holiday times, so Acid Buffer is a good way to buffer your pH while having a bit of fun.

Just a reminder about storing Absolique Acid Buffer. The formula does not like humidity at all. It is best to keep refrigerated at all times, where possible. The instructions state to ‘Sore in a cool, dry place’, ‘Store below 25®C’, ‘Keep container tightly sealed’ and ‘Refrigerate after opening’. In warmer climates, we suggest you keep it refrigerated always.

pH Balance with Trichologist Brisbane:

  • Absolique night time alkalizer
  • Keep refrigerated
  • 1 heaped teaspoon
  • Small glass filtered water
  • Take at bedtime before brushing teeth

Depending on where you live, we may not be able to ship Absolique Acid Buffer. If this is the case for you, here is how you can make your own; 1 heaped teaspoon bicarb of soda (organic if possible), mix into small glass of filtered water. It is not very tasty, so you may like to add some lemon or lime juice or a safe Vitamin C powder. This formula will work the same as Absolique Acid Buffer.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on your pH even during holiday time. It is interesting to see what different foods and environments do to your pH. Use Acid Buffer as required to help let your hair down a little and enjoy holiday time. Acid Buffer will buffer the acid helping the body to be more alkaline in the morning, but will not fix an acid pH on its own. Only you can do that!

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pH Balance with Trichologist Brisbane