pH Testing & Alkalizing for Hair Loss Treatments

The hair, like the rest of your body begins from a cell.
The largest part of a cell is the cytoplasm which is a water like substance containing the organelles.
When pH of any water is out of balance, things go wrong. For example, pool water; what happens when the pH of your pool is out of balance? It goes green right, from the growth of algae, or what about a fish tank; if the pH of the fish tank is out of balance, the fish will die.
When the pH of a cell is out of balance, just like the pool or fish tank, things go wrong.
To fix a hair cell, we must first begin to balance body pH.
pH balance is also essential for the digestion, absorption and transportation of natural supplements.
When fixing cells, you must also provide essential nutrients which have been depleted from our food chain such as 60 essential minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.
In a pH balanced environment we can provide the cell with the essential nutrients and know they will work!
A note of caution, oils ain’t oils, research the ingredients of your supplements, you may be surprised they are not quite what they seem. For instance, elemental minerals do not get absorbed by the body. Plant derived colloidal minerals will get absorbed and utilized by the body, but you have to be aware of the source, and be sure it includes the 60 Essential minerals.
Most Hair Loss problems are the result of the body being out of balance. So to begin Hair Loss Treatments, we must also bring the body back to balance.
Once you have completed your Hair Loss Treatments, continue to keep your body in balance as this is prevention of future hair loss.
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