Activance Practitioner Series

Activance Practitioner is a prescriptive hair loss product and can only be recommended after Correct Diagnosis of your individual Hair LossHair Thinning or Scalp Condition.

Activance Practitioner helps to stabilize the Hair Cycle reducing daily Hair Loss. The antioxidant effect assists Thinning Hair, Pattern Hair Thinning and Scalp Conditions and works best following Absolique Scalp Cleansing or Absolique Scalp Soak for best absorption. Absolique Trichologist will also recommend Scalp Brush Therapy where required to get the most out of this unique hair loss product.

Activance Practitioner hair loss product contains stabilized Rhodanide complex and MSM (dimethylsulfone) and was specially designed for allergies, hyper-sensitivities, extensive, persistent Hair LossHair Thinning and Scalp Conditions.

Rhodanide is a vital nutrient required by all living cells, including human hair follicles. Activance Practitioner hair loss product contains vital hair nutrients Rhodanide and MSM (dimethylsulfone) at therapeutic levels. These nutrients work in powerful synergy to dramatically nourish and boost hair follicles, helping to thicken, revitalise and protect hair and scalp.

Activance Practitioner hair loss product also contains additional active compounds including the nutrients biotin, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), and bisabolol, a natural herbal compound extracted and purified from German Chamomile with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of these compounds creates a powerful dual synergy between the biology of your hair and the natural nutrients and compounds.

Activance Practitioner hair loss product contains significantly higher concentrations of active compounds, making it an extremely potent Anti-Hair Loss, Anti-Hair Thinning, Anti-Ageing and Anti-Damage formula that is best used under the continued supervision and guidance of a hair health practitioner such as Absolique Trichologist.

Activance Practitioner hair loss product is available exclusively in Queensland from Absolique Hair Health Clinic once you have had Correct Diagnosis with Absolique Trichologist, Carolyn Evans-Frost.

Activance Practitioner Information Sheet