Receding Hairline Treatment Diagnosis and Results

At Absolique we always like to share the love so here is another successful story of hair loss treatments results. 32 year old male, MB, describing hair loss and hair thinning that was becoming more noticeable over the past 4-5 years resulting in a gradually receding hair line. Similar patterns of hair thinning were noted in family history on mother’s side, father and brother.

This type of pattern hair thinning would appear to be your typical male pattern thinning caused by the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This androgen has many functions in the body and is essential for our integumentary system which forms our protective layer, our skin, which holds us together.

However, DHT can be triggered to bind to the hair bulb receptors resulting in gradual hair thinning. The triggers are:

  • Hereditary
  • Hormonal
  • Environmental
  • Free radical effect

Wherever the trigger comes from the resulting hair thinning is the same, but what if you have more than one of the above triggers present? This was the case for MB, the hair cycle and hair cell were not functioning normally with 18 miniaturized hairs per centimetre in the terminal area. This represents 18 hair in every centimetre all over the scalp with a compromised immune system, so no chance of combating the free radical effect of the binding DHT. So the usually gradual male pattern thinning will move much faster as I was in this case.

We found diet and health related issues that had contributed to this now common combination of causes and we addressed all symptoms and causes with our hair loss treatments 4 months combination therapy. These images represent what we achieved in the first four months and MB is now on a simple maintenance program which is a simple hair washing regime and basic nutrition to achieve further hair regrowth.

If you feel you are seeing a typical pattern of hair thinning, always check out your hair cycle to understand all symptoms and causes for best results, correct diagnosis is the key and allows for holistic hair loss treatments that work and can be sustained.

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Receding Hairline Treatment Diagnosis and Results