Results, Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Results, Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Results, Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Male, 26 years old, presenting with obvious male pattern thinning but was early onset and microscope found hair cell and hair cycle were interrupted. Described hair loss, receding hairline and thinning on the crown. Father has hair thinning but did not start till way into his 30’s. When the hair cell and hair cycle are not at their optimal, it will compromise the immune system of the cell and allow for pattern thinning to begin at an earlier age, ‘early onset’.

Mr C was an otherwise healthy individual but consultation and blood work uncovered highs and lows in nutritional elements, sleep, eating habits and stress. These types of things over longer periods of time such as 3 years in this case, will affect health and in turn hair.

Results, Hair Loss Treatment for Men:

  • 1st four months, Basic Topical, simple prevention
  • 2nd four months add Hair Cell and Hair Cycle Topical + MPT Topical
  • 3rd four months add Nutrition and natural DHT inhibitor
  • Awesome results at the 12-month mark

1st four months. Mr C’s main concern was to stop the hair thinning and keep the hair the same as it was. This is quite simple using Absolique Basic Topical – Scalp Brush Therapy, Scalp Cleanser and Activance Practitioner. The Basic Topical replaces your hair washing and needs to be repeated every 2nd day or 3 times a week minimum. Digital tracking at 4 months proved hair thinning had stopped and improved.

Results, Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Results, Hair Loss Treatment for Men

2nd four months. With such impressive results, Mr C asked what more would be required to re-grow hair at recessions. We added further topicals – Scalp Tonique, Absolique GRN and PG Free Minoxidil. This was added to Basic Topical and included in hair washing regime every 2nd day or 3 times a week. Microscopic tracking began and booked to check in another 4 months.

3rd four months. Again, results were impressive and Mr C had made many personal healthful changes based on his knowledge of his pH balance. Bloods still showed some highs and lows and microscope still uncovered some hair cell problems in terminal area. Nutrition was discussed and decision to progress to this level for cellular support was made.

12-month mark. We share this story to demonstrate how a little can make a result but progressing into further combination therapy can make a big impact. We normally go in with full combination therapy in the 1st four months so It was impressive even for us to see such and outstanding improvement by adding in nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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Hair Loss Treatment for Men