Safe Hair Colouring Products New Colouring Infusion and Hair Replumping

Safe Hair Colour Products

Safe Hair Colour Products

Hair colouring can be a necessary evil. When the hair growth is compromised by hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions, it can be very confusing to find safe hair colouring products. We have carefully chosen OWAY Hnectar because it is free from ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, alcohol and mineral oil along with safe colour infusion and hair replumping.

OWAY “We have chosen the purest ingredients in nature to revolutionize the concept of colouring and deliver a completely new, essential, regenerating treatment”. Hnectar is the first colour infusion with integrated hair replumping and is an organic safe hair colour.

Safe Hair Colouring Products New Colouring Infusion and Hair Replumping:

  • With vegetable nectars to replump and lift the hair, biodynamic and organic ingredients from plants grown according to the cleanest techniques, proteins to rebuild and give substance to the hair, fair trade active ingredients to support sustainable development projects that promote the economy of local communities, ecological packaging 100% recyclable glass
  • Without ammonia which eliminates any unpleasant smell protecting hair stylist and customers and air quality, pataphenylendiamine which reduces the risk of contact allergies, resorcinol which reduces sensitisation risks, mineral oils and paraffins for a milder and more natural hair colouring treatment

Hnectar colour infusion and hair replumping organic safe hair colour is suitable for customers preferring delicate colour infusions with natural results, sensitive scalp, treated, fragile and fine hair and for those who are simply looking for clean and safe hair colouring products. This is a safe hair colour for hair thinning and hair breakage as it adds moisture and brighten hair faded from poor hair growth and sun exposure, and to tone enhance and replump stressed and damaged hair.

This 2 in 1 service is refined safe hair colouring products and rejuvenation of the hair’s structure. Absolique are super excited to introduce Hnectar and the benefits of sublimating safe hair colour. Our focus is on safe hair colouring for your hair and scalp and understanding there are hair growth problems to be aware of. Understanding the structure of your hair growth and any inconsistencies may limit the colour selection to more natural shades to achieve colour balancing. When undertaking Absolique Hair Loss Treatments, we won’t be aiming for 100% grey hair coverage because it may result in substantial visual hair regrowth problems which can enhance the appearance of hair loss and hair thinning concerns, we will offer the best advice to deliver a result that is safe for your hair and scalp and achievable for your hair structure, no matter what stage of hair loss treatment you may be at currently.

Absolique Trichologist and our team of hairdressers will guide you though your options to see if you will be as happy with Hnectar colour results as we are. Past microscopic diagnosis or scope session is required to use our new colour service, so we can be 100% honest about the results you can achieve and as always, safety is our number one priority when it comes to your health and hair. To form a hair plan unique to you, we will be offering complimentary 15 minute in clinic or phone consultation, so you are 100% confident when you come in for your safe hair colour service. Consultations and services cannot be performed on the same day due to our private clinic environment. Bookings are essential. For more information on Safe Hair Colouring Products New Colouring Infusion and Hair Replumping, please call reception team on 07 3229 3242 or email Trichologist Brisbane at Check out our Grand Opening Special Offers Here

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