Scalp Brush Therapy for Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Preparing the Scalp prior to washing your scalp skin with Scalp brush therapy is a simple and effective way to ensure accurate scalp cleansing as well as enhancing topical Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

Scalp brush therapy has many benefits including; removal and lifting of Scalp Scale, exfoliation of the scalp, stimulation of the scalp and oil glands attached to the hair, releasing oil onto the scalp skin that is then washed away with Absolique Scalp Cleanser.

Scalp Brush Therapy for Natural Hair Loss Treatments benefits:

  • Scalp exfoliation
  • Scalp stimulation
  • Scalp circulation
  • Preparation for scalp cleansing

Scalp brush therapy stimulates the erector pili muscles attached to each hair follicle and in turn, increases the blood supply so you are in effect feeding the hair bulb, creating cellular energy and flushing out unwanted oil at the same time. Scalp skin must be washed as soon as possible with Absolique Scalp Cleanser following Scalp Brush Therapy.

Scalp Brush Therapy should take up to 2-3 minutes before you feel a warm tingling sensation on your scalp skin, or 100 strokes over the entire scalp.

How to do Scalp Brush Therapy:

Brush Therapy must be done on dry scalp and hair and only ever before you wash with Absolique Scalp Cleanser. Start Brush Therapy by diving the hair into 2 sections – front section being the front from the crown forward towards your front hair line and back being from your crown down to your back hairline or nape. To begin brush from the center/top of the front section back towards the crown and away from the face, working down to your right ear and then back over to your left and so on creating a fluid motion whilst counting strokes until you reach 50 or until you feel the heat, oil or tingling sensation. After you have done the front section shift focus to the back half working from the nape to crown. For long hair it is easier to do the back section with the head tipped upside down. Absolique Scalp Brush is Now Available.

Watch the Scalp Brush Therapy video on our website  Or contact the Absolique Hair Health Clinic Team and Absolique Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost for more information on Scalp Brush Therapy for Natural Hair Loss Treatments. Email or call 07 3229 3242.

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Scalp Brush Therapy for Natural Hair Loss Treatments