Scalp Scale with Trichologist Brisbane

At Absolique Hair Health Clinic we are big fans on the Activance leave in treatment spray, and particularly the special practitioner formula we can prescribe after microscopic diagnosis. Many may not know Activance also has a shampoo in its product range. For most hair loss treatments we use Absolique Scalp Cleanser to prepare the scalp for absorption of the individual hair loss treatments, but for some with sensitive scalps or stubborn scalp scale I will recommend Activance shampoo that can be used as a safe scalp cleanser and also a scalp treatment to address stubborn scalp scale.

Activance are renowned for their safe ingredients protocol, so you can be 100% confident that it fits our holistic approach. The difference is it is not as cleansing as our Absolique Scalp Cleanser, so we only recommend Activance shampoo when we have a scalp concern and it can double as a hair shampoo for most individuals, unlike our scalp cleanser that is not a hair shampoo for hair longer that 15cm.

Scalp Scale with Trichologist Brisbane. How to use Activance Shampoo as a scalp treatment for stubborn scalp scale:

  • Start with scalp brush therapy to begin exfoliation of the scalp scale
  • Scalp brush therapy should always be performed on dry hair and scalp before getting into the shower and only on hair washing days, never do this if you cannot perform your hair washing regime directly after
  • If the scalp is open, irritated, sore or weeping in anyway, do not do scalp brush therapy
  • Wet the hair down in the shower as if you were going to wash your hair
  • Place a 20-50cent piece size of Activance shampoo into your palm, distribute between both hands and then apply to scalp, making sure product is in contact with the entire scalp
  • Gently massage the product over the scalp being very careful not to rub or scratch the scalp
  • Its best to use fingertips and never your nails
  • Move product around realising it is probably not foaming
  • Rinse from hair
  • Apply again, this time distribute all over the scalp and simply leave it there, just let it sit for 2-5 minutes, this is the scalp soak
  • You will need to plan your shower to allow for this time
  • The more scale, the longer the soak, maximum in the shower is 5 minutes, but can be left on the scalp for up to 20 minutes
  • When the time is up, add water to the scalp and emulsify Activance shampoo until it forms a lather then rinse again
  • Follow with another wash with Activance shampoo if required to remove scale or use your desired hair shampoo off the scalp of course
  • Use hair conditioner as required
  • Towel dry hair and always apply Activance leave in treatment all over the scalp to finish the treatment

In summary, the more stubborn the scale the longer the soak. Always start with on Activance shampoo on the scalp to soften the skin and allow water to work with the product. For more stubborn scale the soak can be longer or even repeated on the same day, but be careful never to scrub or scratch scale off the scalp as this can damage the scalp and cause hair loss. Always end the treatment with Activance leave in treatment once out of the shower on towel dried hair. Without this last step you will never fix the problem, Activance leave in treatment acts to put the balance back into the scalp to slow the scale returning plus soothing the scalp.

For more information on Scalp Scale with Trichologist Brisbane or this technique or to begin with a correct diagnosis so you know you are addressing all symptoms and causes contact Absolique Trichologist Brisbane by email or call reception on 07 3229 3242.

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Scalp Scale with Trichologist Brisbane