Scalp Tonique and Hair Loss Treatments

Natural Hair Loss Treatments require topical applications to reach the target site, the hair cell/hair bulb naturally and without chemicals commonly used in hair loss treatments products.

Absolique Scalp Tonique is a specifically designed product to open the hair follicle without any harmful ingredients that will disturb the intrinsic structure and function of the scalp skin and dermis.

Hair loss treatments with scalp Tonique need to be in the following exact order to be most effective:

  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Scalp Cleansing with Absolique Scalp Cleanser
  • Absolique Scalp Tonique
  • Scalp Microneedle Therapy
  • Topical applications for Hair Loss Treatments

Combination Therapy for Hair Loss Treatments are always more effective but be sure to have a qualified diagnosis so you know exactly what you are treating as there is a huge difference between Hair Loss and Hair Thinning.

Yours in healthy hair and effective Hair Loss Treatments,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist Absolique Hair Health Clinic



Scalp Tonique and Hair Loss Treatments

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