Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Mens Hair Loss and Mens Hair Thinning are frequently misunderstood and misinterpreted as hereditary Pattern Hair Thinning. Pattern Hair Thinning is a typical pattern of Thinning Hair that is a gradual Hair Thinning and is not Hair LossHair Loss (hair falling out) is related the Hair Cycle.

Male Pattern Hair Thinning or Androgenic Alopecia are a gradual Hair Thinning within the recessions, top, front hairline and/or crown of the head hair. Because the Hair Thinning is easily noticed at the front hair line and top/crown of head hair, it is misdiagnosed in most cases as the singular problem.

We all have a Hair Cycle. Problems with the Hair Cycle and Hair Cell are most often found and the primary problem causing Hair Loss which speeds up Pattern Hair Thinning or exposes the gradual Hair Thinning. The Hair Cycle is diffuse, it does not work only in patterns or patches. Hair Loss in patches is Alopecia Areata.

Some Hair Loss Treatment for Men can indeed trigger Hair Loss because of the chemicals or medications. Hair Loss Treatments Trichologist, Carolyn Evans-Frost can offer safe, natural, effective and affordable Hair Loss Treatment for Men that addresses all symptoms and causes at the same time in Combination Therapy. The side effect to Absolique Hair Health Clinic Natural Hair Loss Treatment is health. Good health will better protect against Pattern Hair Thinning even if it is 100% genetic.

Early onset Pattern Hair Thinning is becoming common. This is Pattern Hair Thinning Hair at a young age, much younger than when Hair Thinning started for Father or Grandfather. This is happening for many reasons. Typically Pattern Hair Thinning was hereditary. We now have Hormonal and Environmental triggers that we are exposed to from a very early age as well as damaged Hair Cycles.

Scientists have proven Male Pattern Hair Thinning is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a part of every human being, it has a big role in the integumentary system. The integumentary system is our skin’s system, the largest system of the human body and it holds us together. DHT is not bad, but it can be triggered by Hereditary, Hormonal and Environmental factors to bind to the androgen receptors of the hair bulb causing the gradual Hair Thinning. If you block the DHT in the body altogether as many medications do, you may get side effects. It you try to use Hair Loss Products that only move DHT away, you will not get much of a result and when you stop, results will disappear.

The first step is always Correct Diagnosis with a Hair Health and Scalp Check. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist will microscopically inspect your Scalp ConditionHair Loss or Hair Thinning and discuss all causes with you. With a correct diagnosis we can offer your various Natural Treatment for Hair Loss options. Sometimes no Hair Loss Treatment is required, only simple preventative measures.


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