Scope Sessions

Absolique Hair Health Clinic’s Scope Sessions are a series of scalp level images taken in up to 50 specific locations over the scalp, used to track results from Hair Loss TreatmentHair Thinning Treatment, Hair Growth Treatment and preventative Hair Loss Treatment.

It takes 4 months for changes from Hair Loss Treatment to reach the surface of the scalp. The microscopic images are used to assess and adjust individual Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Loss Product usage.

The hair shaft and hair bulb are also viewed at Scope Sessions to track body deficiencies and body disturbances that effect Hair Growth.

Scope Sessions cost $225 and take up to one hour.

Scope Sessions absolique hair loss treatment clinic

Scope Session images are recorded in a private, secure directory. Scope Sessions usually take place to every 4 months during early stages of Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Thinning treatment. Ideally, your first Scope Sessionwould take place after your first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Thinning Treatment.

Consecutive Scope Sessions allow Absolique Hair Health Clinic to create microscopic Scope Comparisons to truly see how your hair and body are reacting to your individual Hair Loss TreatmentHair Thinning TreatmentHair Growth Treatment of treatment for Scalp Conditions.

Scope Comparison appointments are included in the cost of Scope Sessions and take up to 30 minutes. Scope Comparisons can only be created when you have had two or more Scope Sessions. You can come into Absolique Hair Health Clinic to see Trichologist and explain your Scope Comparison results and form a new Hair Loss Treatment plan or we can email the files to you and discuss your results over the phone.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist will advise you when your first Scope Session is due and when your subsequent Scope Session should be performed depending on your individual Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Hair Loss Treatment.


Please note – Absolique Hair Health Clinic have a strict Booking Deposit & 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Deposits are required as confirmation for appointments and a minimum of 48 hours is required for cancelling/rescheduling all appointments. Please contact reception for more information.