New Hair Rebuilding Services

Grand Opening Special Offer – Hair Rebuilding

When experiencing and recovering from hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions, it can uncover poor hair growth, changes to hair texture, hair breakage, dry frizzy hair, hair colour fading and hard to manage hair. Absolique feel it is important for you to have an option to help rebuild and treat hair breakage while we work on hair regrowth.

Introducing OWAY hair rebuilding and reconstruction for hair breakage, damaged, weak and brittle hair. OWAY hair rebuilding is the method that rebuilds hair that is damaged due to hair thinning, recovering from hair loss, poor hair growth, hair structure problems, repeated chemical treatments, mechanical stresses, environmental aggression’s and thermal instruments that result in hair breakage. The hair is dull, has rough and porous structures, reduced duration of colour retention and lack of essential elasticity. At this level of hair breakage and damage, it is not enough to act just on the surface of the hair; the action must be combined with professional hair breakage repair treatments that can restore the hair substance, structure and hair condition.

OWAY Hair Rebuilding, Hair Breakage Repair:

  • Natural hair care with only safe ingredients
  • Fix hair breakage, stop hair breakage
  • Rebuilding is the method to rebuild damaged hair that has lost its constituents
  • A rebuilding method that acts on all the needs of damaged hair and hair breakage
  • Offers eight benefits for hair breakage repair and hair breakage prevention

The constituents of hair are proteins, oligoelements, water and lipid reserves. OWAY rebuilding is one system with eight hair benefits including; Shine, elasticity, hydration, remineralisation, body and structure, cuticle repair, strength and resistance to breakage. OWAY hair rebuilding hair fibre repair cycle looks like this; Professional diagnosis of the hair and creation of a customised path, intensive treatment mixing rebuilding serum with hyalominerals and/or ceramides and infrared hair remedy, special cleansing and conditioning and guidance on products for maintenance at home.

OWAY rebuilding can offer regenerated, softer, more flexible and more resistant hair. All these hair benefits will enhance any hair type especially recovering from hair growth problems. Oway rebuilding system in not a one-off miracle treatment and may need a customised rebuilding package delivered over 4-6 weeks along with a homecare rebuilding kit to maximise results. Complimentary 15 minute consultations in clinic or phone are available to provide you with the best hair rebuilding package for your individual needs. For more information about Hair Breakage Solution, New Hair Rebuilding Service, call our reception team with any questions and for bookings 07 3229 3242. Email Trichologist Brisbane at and check out our website for Grand Opening Special Offers Consultations and hair services cannot be performed on the same day due to our private clinic environment. Bookings are essential.


Please note – Absolique Hair Health Clinic have a strict Booking Deposit & 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Deposits are required as confirmation for appointments and a minimum of 48 hours is required for cancelling/rescheduling all appointments. Please contact reception for more information.