New Hairdressing Services

Grand Opening Special Offer – Precision Hair Cutting

Absolique hairdressers specialising in hair loss understand when you are experiencing Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Scalp Conditions, a trip to the hairdresser can be a terrifying ordeal. The thought of even a hair wash can trigger hair anxiety let alone the thought of harmful ingredients, the rough hair wash and massage, how many times the comb passes though the hair, not to mention sitting in an open room with wet hair when things look at their worst! The shame of scalp conditions is also very upsetting and does not need to be. Absolique new organic hair salon Brisbane is a safe and private environment where we are specialist hairdressers for hair loss and are here to help in every way we can.

As Absolique hair loss hairdressers Brisbane, we will understand all your concerns from our consultation and microscopic snapshot, we can help you to achieve a comfortable and empowering hair growth treatment and healthy hair service leaving all the fears behind with only a positive feeling that will stay with you even when you leave our clinic. It is so important to feel good about your hair when confronting hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions. Not knowing what is the cause of hair loss, or where to go for help can lead to avoidance behavior, not wanting to do your hair. This is human nature, but it can make you feel much worse and why we want to offer safe hairdressing services by Trichologist Brisbane and help you feel confident during the process and once you are happy with your hair regrowth again.

New Hairdressing Services:

  • A trip to the hairdresser can be a terrifying ordeal
  • Absolique specialist hairdressers for hair loss understand all your concerns
  • No hairdressing hair anxiety
  • Private Clinic exclusively for hair loss treatments, hair loss, hair thinning and scalp concerns
  • Important to feel good about your hair when confronting hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions
hair dressing services

Our new hairdressing services will include hair cutting to address your concerns always suggesting the best way to style and manage your hair. It will be precision cutting as we understand how every strand of hair is so important during and after hair loss and hair thinning. We will show you how to make the most of your hair and share our secrets for more volume and thicker looking hair. Hair cutting can be tricky around scalp conditions, so we can help to safely style the hair understanding where we need to be careful, gentle and disguising the problem while we address it.

The better you feel about how your hair looks while addressing the real symptoms and causes of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions, is powerful to progress beyond the problems. Our new hairdressing services will offer you the best hair advice, so you can confidently and comfortably manage your hair at home to look and feel good every day. It can also be tricky to manage your hair as you recover from hair loss and hair thinning because of the different hair textures once we have the hair regrowing again. We get the new good hair growth at the roots but are still left with the thinning ends, a plan can be provided to gradually balance this out without the need for drastic and super short haircuts.

To form a hair plan unique to you, we will be offering complimentary 15 minute in clinic or phone consultation, so you are 100% confident with the service you will receive when you come in for your hair appointment with hair loss hairdressers Brisbane. If you are currently undertaking any of Absolique Hair Loss Treatment or Scalp Treatment, we can also incorporate your treatment into your hairdressing service. Please call our reception team on 07 3229 3242 to ask any questions or to book your complimentary consultation to discuss your hair dreams or email Trichologist Brisbane at . Consultations and hairdressing services cannot be performed on the same day due to our private clinic environment. Bookings are essential.


Please note – Absolique Hair Health Clinic have a strict Booking Deposit & 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Deposits are required as confirmation for appointments and a minimum of 48 hours is required for cancelling/rescheduling all appointments. Please contact reception for more information.