Success Story from Latest Hair Loss Treatments

At Absolique we see amazing hair transformations every day after helping our clients overcome their hair loss. We like to share the results to show you’re not alone in your hair loss journey. Hair Loss can happen to anyone at any age and this story of Miss M shares the latest Hair Loss Treatments.

Miss M visited Absolique at the age of 18 concerned about her hair loss that was noticed 7 months prior. Her hair texture had changed and her hair volume had reduced and she was noticing changes to her hair line. She had always had beautiful hair and was very distressed about the changes to her hair and scared about the amount of hair that was falling.

After visiting Absolique we were able to determine with our combination consultation and microscopic diagnosis that Miss M had suffered diffuse hair loss from stopping the pill. The pill is for contraception, and it works, but it should never be used to treat acne, oily skin, irregular periods, polycystic ovary or PMT.

The hair can react to changes in the body (removing a synthetic hormone such as the pill) 3 months after the event. Miss M’s timeline was exact, so we are sure her diffuse hair loss was due to stopping the pill. But what we found with the microscope was the 19 hairs per 1cm of scalp were not growing properly! This means her hair already had been thinning for many other reasons and this was exposed by the recent diffuse hair loss. In addition, Miss M was found to have Female Pattern Thinning, a problem usually found in women post-menopausal. This is caused by Dihydrotestosterone DHT, and associated with androgen dominant conditions such as acne, oily skin, irregular periods, poly-cystic ovary and PMT!

Miss M decided with her family to undertake the Combination Therapy of the latest Hair Loss Treatments offered at Absolique for 4 months and we are proud of her commitment to the program and so happy to share her before and after pictures that show the results and speak for themselves.

What happened to Miss M is happening to many young women everywhere in the world. Our message is that diagnosis is the key, do not stop the pill suddenly, and make sure you only use the pill for birth control as it was designed specifically for that, don’t play with synthetic hormones and help is always here to guide you at Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

Miss M was excited by her results and has agreed to continue her Natural Hair Loss Treatment at home for further improvement.

Read Miss M’s journey through Natural Hair Loss Treatment:

“I’m feeling confident about my treatment and the future of my hair. The home care treatment is a lot easier than I thought it would be and the instructions provided make it very easy to look up how many tablets to take a day or where to use your micro-needle if you forget. The thing I’m probably finding hardest is waking up a little earlier to take my green qi so that it is digested on an empty stomach but luckily I don’t mind the taste unlike a lot of other people! Already my hair is looking fuller, especially after using Activance which is my favorite product hands down!”

“My “shed” has continued this week, although it has not been as stressful as the team’s support and explanation of the hair cycle have put my mind at ease and I am no longer counting every individual hair. I slept over at a friend’s unexpectedly this week and so I missed one round of green qi and vitamins – my first miss as I have been very consistent up until now. I don’t think it has affected me too majorly and I don’t plan on missing any more so it should be fine. I am excited for my appointment tomorrow!”

“All of the staff at Absolique are so much more than hairdressers; they care for you as a person and are willing to share their own stories to help you on your journey. Love coming every week.”

“My hair is looking shiny and healthy though and there are a lot of new baby hairs popping up, especially around the hairline.”

“I can see lots of new tiny hairs around my hairline!!! So excited for this, I can’t wait to see them thicken up! So pleased about the new regrowth.”

“The new growth around my hairline though is phenomenal!! The hair that is growing in is thick and dark and will hopefully grow to a long terminal length, I can’t wait! So sad that I only have three more sessions with the lovely team left.”

Success Story from Latest Hair Loss Treatments

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