Receptionist / Assistant Trichologist Brisbane

Shea started hairdressing at an early age of 16 as a school base apprentice, 12 years later still passionate about the hair industry decided to leave hairdressing to dig a little deeper and to get answers about hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions and how to help resolve these problems. Shea has always felt like she needed to know more and always thought there was more to offer people than just the basic information provided in hairdressing. So in 2018 it was the year to reach out and explore the world of trichology, “I was so clueless to what was out in the world for trichology I was the typical hairdresser, but I have learnt so much more and have also learnt there is no such thing as NO your hair will never come back, I am loving every moment of this job and it makes me feel good seeing results and clients walking away knowing that they are seeing results.”