The Gluten Confusion and Hair Loss Treatment

The Gluten Confusion and Hair Loss Treatment

The Gluten Confusion and Hair Loss Treatment

We are going to discuss confusion about gluten, wheat and wheatgrass. Here at Absolique Hair Health Clinic and our Hair Loss Treatment, we have collected and compiled some information we hope will help to understand what you could tolerate when you have allergy or intolerance to gluten. Although wheatgrass comes from the same plant that produces the wheat grain used to make flour, wheatgrass is harvested before the plant matures and produces grain.

Wheat and wheatgrass come from the same plant. The term ‘wheat’ generally refers to the grain often used to make flour, while ‘wheatgrass’ refers to the young grass that grows before the grain is produced. When the grass is young, before it produces grain, it can be harvested and juiced or dried.

The Gluten Confusion and Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Difference between Wheat and Wheatgrass
  • Wheat Plant
  • Wheatgrass
  • Wheat Grain
  • Wheat Allergies and Wheatgrass

Many are surprised to see a product labelled ‘gluten-free’ but contains wheat grass and/or barley grass. Since wheat and barley are gluten grains, it’s fair to ask how their grasses could be considered gluten-free.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic and our Hair Loss Treatment have a three-page discussion and reference resource to decide for yourself if wheatgrass is suitable for you on a gluten free eating plan. For a free copy email and request ‘The Gluten Confusion’. One last thing to note as with the seed contamination concerns, all grains need to be considered as potential gluten carriers or contaminants.

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