The Microscope and Future Hair Loss Treatments

The  video microscope used by Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic provides 60x magnified images at scalp level of your hair cycle, how the hair is or not growing, viewing of empty follicles, miniaturising hairs, scalp circulation or lack of, bursting or dried up oil glands, scalp condition and cellular function of the scalp skin. With these highly magnified images taken from various locations over the scalp I am able to demonstrate the real difference between healthy hair and hair that is not growing properly, the hair cycle, pattern thinning and the various scalp problems.

Future Hair Loss Treatments are determined by:

  • The state of the hair cycle
  • The condition of the hair cell
  • Miniaturising hairs
  • Empty hair follicles
  • State of scalp skin

Once I have established your diagnosis I will explain how to read the microscopic image, it is an experience and knowledge that empowers you by not only gaining a complete understanding but also how to treat your specific concerns. The microscope is an essential tool in gaining correct diagnosis for hair loss treatments and should be used by all trichologists and hair loss professionals. This is the microscope we use for our ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’ service and you are never left with all bad news, we always offer Home Hair Loss Treatments information or simple Home Scalp Care.

Microscopic images of the scalp are not nice but it tells the true story so you can understand symptoms, causes and how holistic hair loss treatments are a much more beneficial approach. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic to book your ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’ and begin your healthy hair healthy scalp journey today. Cost is $200 and takes up to 75 minutes, don’t wash your hair or scalp for 2 days prior to this service.

The Microscope and Future Hair Loss Treatments

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