The Truth About Hair Loss by Absolique Trichologist

The Truth About Hair Loss

The Truth About Hair Loss

Hi, I’m Carolyn, Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic. I am excited to announce the publication of our first eBook, The Truth About Hair Loss. This free eBook is the first edition of a series of Books to be written and published by Absolique, to help you understand the truth about your Hair Loss, Hair Thinning or Scalp Condition.

With my in-clinic work, online communications and videos, I frequently find much confusion about hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions. That is why I decided to write a book. The truth about hair loss is a basic overview of the most common questions and confusions I come across. I hope this will guide you to the right hair loss treatment that will work for you.

The Truth About Hair Loss by Absolique Trichologist Topics:

  • Hair loss, hair thinning and alopecia
  • Scalp conditions
  • How hair is connected to health
  • Hormones and hair
  • Nutrition and your hair
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Body pH and absorption
  • Basic scalp health and why correct diagnosis is the key

To get a free copy of The Truth About Hair Loss please email request to I really do hope what you read gives you some hope and clarity about your hair or scalp concerns. Please email any questions or subjects you would like covered or discussed. My next book will delve further into the science of the hair and causes of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions.

Thank you for reading and following us for your hair health journey. Feel free to share your hair loss journey and I welcome all feedback and suggestions for our next book which is underway. The email again for your copy of our FREE EBOOK is You can also call us to ask any questions about your hair loss concerns or to enquire about our services. Call Absolique Hair Health Clinic helpful team on 07 3229 3242.

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