Toothpaste & Safe Products with Trichologist Brisbane

By Dr. Mercola – “Over the course of a lifetime, the average American uses about 20 gallons of toothpaste,1 and even though you don’t swallow it, chemicals in

Toothpaste & Safe Products with Trichologist Brisbane

Toothpaste & Safe Products with Trichologist Brisbane

the toothpaste can make their way into your bloodstream, courtesy of the fact that your mouth has an absorption efficiency rate of more than 90 percent.2 With this in mind, it’s wel

l worth considering what you’re brushing your teeth with on a daily basis. Many popular brands contain highly questionable ingredients that are best avoided for long-term health.”[1]

Whether you squeeze toothpaste from the bottom or the middle, Modere Toothpaste is sure to please either camp. Made with gentle, water-soluble abrasives and natural peppermint oil for effective cleaning, stain removal, and fresh breath. You won’t find any controversial ingredients or sugar in Modere toothpaste. This formula is fine for the whole family to use, although you might not want to share.

Toothpaste & Safe Products with Trichologist Brisbane, benefits of Modere Toothpaste:

  • Fluoride free, tastes fabulous, without any sugar (yes, it can be done!)
  • Gentle, water-soluble abrasives clean and remove stains without damaging tooth enamel
  • Peppermint oil freshens breath (so you can indulge in that garlic pasta!)
  • Contains a naturally occurring protein found in teeth
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums

Key ingredients – Mentha piperita, (peppermint) oil freshens breath. Sodium Chlorite, (stabilized chlorine dioxide) used to remove food films from the teeth and to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath. Hydrated silica, a naturally occurring, fine, gel abrasive that with regular brushing, helps remove plaque and debris on tooth enamel surfaces. Casein, a naturally occurring protein in teeth, used for optimal cleaning. Xylitol, a sweetener that won’t contribute to the formation of cavities.

Modere – “Sure, others claim to be safe, but have they been doing it for 25 years? We have. We pioneered safe, non-toxic products and demanded excellence from ourselves every day along the way. And still do. We don’t compromise—you’ll never see us use cheap ingredients, harsh chemicals, test on animals, or create lame products. This is our promise.”[2]

Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend Modere Nutritional and Personal Care product because of their long-term commitment safe ingredients. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information on Toothpaste & Safe Products with Trichologist Brisbane. Call reception team on 07 3229 3242 or email Absolique Trichologist Brisbane

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Toothpaste & Safe Products with Trichologist Brisbane