Top Ten Hair Loss Treatments by Absolique

This video coincides with our quarterly newsletter and is focused on Home Hair Loss Treatments. We will cover all the topical natural hair loss treatments used and recommended by Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Whether you have Pattern Hair Thinning related to dihydrotestosterone, Diffuse Hair Loss or Diffuse Hair Thinning that effects the hair cycle or maybe both as is common, you will find the combination therapy Home Hair Loss Treatments explanation and instructions in the newsletter and following video series

Top Ten Hair Loss Treatments by Absolique includes:

  • Correct Diagnosis is the key
  • Microscopic Diagnosis
  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Scalp Cleansing
  • Scalp Tonique
  • Miicroneedle Therapy
  • Activance Practitioner Formula
  • The Hair Vitamin Ampoule
  • Re-Stim 5% Minoxidil in aloe base
  • Home Laser Therapy

Remember correct diagnosis is the key and microscopic tracking is the best way to watch the progress of your Home Hair Loss Treatments. Please send questions through email from our website.

Yours in Healthy Hair,

Carolyn Evans-Frost, Trichologist

Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Top Ten Hair Loss Treatments by Absolique

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