Treatments for Hair Loss in Men

More wonderful results proving that everyone has a choice when it comes to a healthy head of hair and Treatments for Hair Loss in Men. History: Male, 31 describing Profuse Hair Loss for 10 months and hair thinning in certain areas of the scalp. Record of starting/stopping prescription medication for anxiety and sleep amongst a stressful personal time, hectic work schedule and travel.

It was clear that male pattern thinning was present but when the hair cycle was checked this too had been effected. Always remember hair loss cannot occur from pattern thinning. Hair loss is the body saying something is wrong, don’t ignore it!

Treatments for Hair Loss in Men Combination Therapy:

  • Consideration of health and hair history
  • Microscopic diagnosis of both hair cycle and male pattern thinning
  • Holistic solutions to address all symptoms and causes
  • Easy to follow Home Care Hair Loss Treatments

So we once again embarked on our combination therapy hair loss treatments including nutrition to support the stress and sleep patterns. The pictures tell the story and we are now on a maintenance Home Care program and on the way to a full head of healthy hair once again. Check-up due every 4 to 6 months using microscopic tracking to ensure everything is in order and moving forward as expected.

Remember correct diagnosis is the key! What may seem to be a simple case of male pattern thinning may indeed have an underlying disturbed hair cycle. Pattern thinning is NOT hair loss as in hair physically falling out!

Once again you can see the increased diameter of hair shaft and the recessions filling in where effected by male pattern thinning. With such an encouraging result in just 4 months it is easy, cost and time effective to continue and regain all hair.

Treatments for Hair Loss in Men, for more information or to begin your hair health journey contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

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Treatments for Hair Loss in Men

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