Treatments Hair Loss

When considering any of the available Treatments Hair Loss you must understand what you are actually treating. Most patients I meet have believed they have a certain type of Hair Loss and have followed many different Treatments Hair Loss will no success. The common underlying reason for failure of Treatments Hair Loss is incorrect diagnosis, self diagnosis or no diagnosis.

A Trichologist is a hair doctor who understands the science of the hair and scalp and is qualified to provide you with a diagnosis of your hair loss before you choose Treatments Hair Loss. A Trichologist with a modern video microscope can diagnose accurately and demonstrate the difference between hair loss and hair thinning before you decide on Treatments Hair Loss.

Ask yourself some questions before handing over your hard earned money for Treatments Hair Loss.

  • What type of Hair Loss am I treating?
  • Is this Hair Loss or Hair Thinning?
  • Who gave me this diagnosis?
  • What qualifications did the person who provided the diagnosis have?

Once you have a diagnosis of your hair loss and understanding of the causes, you can begin to choose from the many Treatments Hair Loss available.

Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic uses a modern video microscope to diagnose and explain your individual hair loss or hair thinning. Then we discuss the Treatments Hair Loss that will work for you and how they will work in combination, there is no miracle cure.

Yours in health, hair and Treatments Hair Loss that work,

Carolyn Evans-Frost


Absolique Hair Health Clinic


Treatments Hair Loss

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