Trichologist Brisbane Hair Breakage Treatment

Trichologist Brisbane Hair Breakage Treatment

Trichologist Brisbane Hair Breakage Treatment

Hair breakage is commonly associated with poor hair growth, a side effect of hair loss and hair thinning and the number one hair complaint when embarking on hair loss treatment. As Absolique Trichologist, I can find the reasons for your hair loss and hair thinning and then offer to address both symptom and causes with our holistic hair loss treatment options, but I have not been able to repair the existing hair breakage as I work through the scalp at a cellular level to get to the root of the problem.

You see, once the hair has grown, has passed through keratinisation, it is a hardened hair, it could not be fixed. There is all sort of cosmetic solutions to help, but they only mask the problem, there was no way of actually rebuilding the hair structure, until now. With poor hair growth the layers that make up the hair are compromised and incomplete leaving the hair strand exposed to physical and environmental factors resulting in damaged hair and hair breakage.

Trichologist Brisbane Hair Breakage Treatment:

  • Complimentary 15-minute hair analysis to form hair rebuilding plan
  • Professional in clinic hair breakage treatment take up to one hour each
  • 4 – 6 hair treatments may be required over 4-8 weeks
  • Rebuilds the hair from the inside out
  • Grand Opening Special Offer save $295

This is not obvious at the time, it is as the hair gets longer that you may notice the hair feels different, maybe frizzy hair or unusual dry hair. This can then be further exposed following hair loss and hair thinning as the surrounding healthy hairs fallout leaving the previously unnoticed damaged hairs. There is also straight forward hair breakage from various hair styling methods and hairdressing practises.

We now can rebuild the hair from the outside in on the actual existing hair stand. In my mind this is a miracle hair breakage treatment, however it is not magic. Just as things break down gradually, rebuilding takes time and various elements. Firstly, we identify through consultation what your hair concerns are and then form a plan of what to use for your individual hair concerns to rebuild the hair. The hair breakage treatment needs to be applied professionally in our private hair salon over four to six weeks. We won’t know exactly what is required until we can analyse your hair.

This hair rebuilding hair breakage treatment will not make you hair feel soft and shiny because it is not cosmetic simply leaving a coating on your hair. It will take the mentioned weeks of treatment to rebuild and eventually notice reduction and elimination of hair breakage along with better hair behaviour. Hair rebuilding may also be required to prepare hair for safe hair colour when hair colour fading is due to hair breakage and poor hair growth. Click here for Hair Breakage Treatment Hair Rebuilding Service and Grand Opening Special Offer. Consultation and services cannot be on the same day in our private hair salon and bookings are essential. Call Absolique 07 3229 3242, email visit our website

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