Vitamin C Book Review with Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane

Vitamin C Book Review with Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane

Vitamin C Book Review with Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane

Book reviewed – The Essential Guide Vitamin C written by Phillip Day and Nicholas Cockayne.

Book review by Kendall Wright, team member Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane.


While reading this informational and factual, easy to interpret book I came across a lot of information that I didn’t actually know. When I thought of Vitamin C I thought oranges… and I found out that’s just the start. Day and Cockayne cover; What Vitamin C is, How much is enough, Causing controversy, Diseases, Questions and conclusion.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that keeps you healthy, helps to prevent illness and fights disease. There are also active properties that fight scurvy, we would fall apart without Vitamin C. As mentioned in the book the medical system is ‘dropping the ball in modern medicine’. We all need more Vitamin C in our daily diets because our human body suffers a genetic deficiency which prevents us from generating Vitamin C. Even though our bodies can’t create Vitamin C it does have a unique genetic code that compensates for the defect by having red blood cells specifically designed for increased absorption of the vitamin.

Vitamin C Book Review with Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane:

  • Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that keeps us healthy
  • Helps to prevent illness and fights disease
  • Collagen production, we would fall apart without Vitamin C
  • Humans can’t create Vitamin C

Our only hope to get this powerful nutrient is through our diets. It is ‘famously’ know in citrus fruits such as oranges but did people realise Vitamin C is present in foods such as leafy greens, rosehip, blackcurrants, peppers, kiwis and guavas to name a few. There are many different options to source and to create healthy meals every day. However, a good tip to remember is that cooking and heating destroys many of the active components in Vitamin C, so we have to be careful not overcook our vegetables to lose the nutrients. A did you know fact – Vitamin C content gradually decomposes which means that an orange left in the fruit bowl will lose 50% of Vitamin C content in 2 weeks! So, as Phillip Day and Nicholas Cockayne say ‘Fresh is best!’

Another incredible factor that this vitamin has is that it strengthens our cardiovascular system, a deficiency will lead to heart disease which effects 1 in 2 people. Even if we eat correctly with foods rich in Vitamin C as well as supplementing, once we get stressed or ill the Vitamin C is then compromised as it is the catalyst for the production on adrenalin in our body. People require more Vitamin C if they are injured, pregnant, diseased or unwell. So, the next time I feel unwell, instead of going for the over the counter medication I’ll be bumping up the dosage or Vitamin C enriched food sources and supplements to get myself better. Dr Klenner advocated the therapeutic usage of vitamin C is 350mg per kg per day in divided doses. Cancer is another disease that is benefited by large quantities of Vitamin C as the vitamin strengthens the immune system and provides a surprising level of pain relief as well as the ascorbic acid strengthens the collagen which holds the healthy cells together and hinders the spread of an existing tumor.

In concluding the book review, I would strongly recommend this book to everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning an incredible amount of new beneficial information I can use in my meal preparations to get the most Vitamin C intake as well as keeping myself healthy. Please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information about Vitamin C Book Review with Hair Loss Treatment Brisbane or information on our trusted Vitamin C supplements. Call us on 07 3229 3242 or email Trichologist Brisbane at

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