Wash Frequency and Hair Growth Products

If I had a dollar for every time, I have been asked this question… At the end of the day it is individual to your hair and scalp type. Some people need to control scalp oil and fine hair by washing and styling every day. Others simply need to wash their hair to feel clean every time they are in the shower. This is not right or wrong, but it is more about how you are washing your scalp and hair and what you are washing with.

Then there are others in fear of washing the hair because of the presumed associated hair loss. So we all lose hair every day, so of course you will notice more on wash days, the more days between washing the more hair you will see. So avoiding washing the hair to avoid hair loss will not work, if anything it will cause more hair anxiety on the days you do wash.

And on top of that, scalp is actually skin. The reason most people choose the frequency of hair washing has more to do with what is or not happening at scalp level. Just stop and consider this; would you wash your face with a hair shampoo? Instead we need to separate the scalp and hair when washing for a clean scalp to receive natural hair loss treatments and manageable hair during the process of hair loss treatments.


Wash Frequency and Hair Growth Products Scalp Cleansing procedure:

  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Prescriptive Scalp Cleanser
  • Hair Shampoo off the scalp, only if hair is longer than 15cm
  • Hair Conditioner off the scalp, only if hair is longer than 15cm


So how often should you do scalp cleansing and hair washing? That depends on the problem. If there is a stubborn long term scalp problem we may request you do a prescriptive scalp cleansing procedure every day until the scale subsides, the same goes for scalp oil. During the first 4 months of hair loss treatments and scalp treatments, I would always request the prescriptive scalp and hair washing regime be followed every second day or three times a week. If you need to wash daily we give you a basic washing regime and separate hair loss treatments washing regime.


As a simple rule I would recommend everyone follow scalp cleansing and hair washing at least twice a week for a healthy scalp. Look at what you are washing your scalp with, a hair shampoo won’t cut it just like a scalp cleanser is not for the hair. Separate your scalp from you hair and common scalp and hair problems will disappear. Ask Absolique Trichologist for your prescriptive scalp cleanser and your hairdresser should be able to recommend hair shampoo and hair conditioner for your hair type.


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Wash Frequency and Hair Growth Products