Which Iron for Your Hair Loss?

The jury is still out on which iron is best to address low iron, imbalanced iron studies or more commonly, low ferritin, and research can be conclusively confusing! As Absolique Trichologist, I am guided by personal experience with iron deficiency and low ferritin, understanding of chemistry, nutrition and absorption. The wrong type of iron can be detrimental to ferritin stores, this is normally found in elemental iron to which is inorganic, direct from the earth, like iron filings which won’t absorb in the body to raise ferritin.

Elemental or inorganic iron supplements helps straight forward low iron and energy, but if the associated iron studies are not considered, fluctuations in all related iron levels could result, or more seriously for the hair, ferritin levels can remain low, and may eventually effect the immune system and other body functions.

Which Iron for Your Hair Loss, organic iron supplements and absorption:

  • Need to be taken in a pH alkaline environment
  • Should be Organic and liquid
  • Should be taken with Organic, liquid minerals
  • Best combined with Vitamin C and B vitamins
  • Keep track of levels with your doctor and blood tests

When talking about ‘Organic Iron’, it means it is in an absorbable form for the intestines. One would expect to find ferritin levels raising and iron studies stable from supplementing in the right combination, but sometimes this is not the case. It is becoming more common that autoimmune disorders, some hereditary conditions and malabsorption are limiting absorption of organic iron to raise ferritin, but one must be careful not to turn to elemental iron if your actual iron levels are ok.

Iron has many important functions in the body and is very complex in the transport, saturation and eventually storage in the body. Iron is closely related to energy in the body, support of the immune system and normal hair growth. High, low and changeable iron studies can cause diffuse hair loss and diffuse hair thinning where there is no iron left over for your hair to grow normally, so the hair grows, but it is weak hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, loses color and luster and will break easily resulting in hair breakage.

There are certain things that need to be corrected with hair problems associated with iron so be sure to get the full picture as addressing only the iron does not normally fix the hair and is in most cases short term solution. Our goal at Absolique Hair Health Clinic is to help you support your hair, health, body and iron in the short and long term for continued health and healthy hair. For more information on which iron for your hair loss or to get a snap shot of your own iron studies, contact us at Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Email Trichologist info@absolique.com.au or call reception 07 3229 3242.

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Which Iron for Your Hair Loss?