Women Hair Loss Treatments Results

We love sharing our results from Hair Loss Treatments knowing how much of a difference it makes to lives, self-esteem, confidence, health and skin.

History: Female, 47, reporting hair thinning and loss of hair at front and sides that was noticed 6 months ago. Recent stress and removal of Implanon – birth control etonogestrel implant that was being used to normalize erratic menstrual cycle and was not working.

Starting or stopping any medication can in certain individuals trigger diffuse hair loss three months after the actual event. When time line was checked it is confirmed the removal of Implanon was the cause and as a positive the menstrual cycle returned to normal.

Women Hair Loss Treatments address:

  • Diffuse Hair Loss
  • Female Pattern Thinning
  • Diffuse Hair Thinning
  • All symptoms and Causes
  • Combination Therapy
  • Support and Maintenance

This diffuse loss uncovered Female Pattern Thinning that had been slowly progressing and also showed some hairs had not grown back to normal from past diffuse hair loss.

Complete combination therapy was followed for 4 months with digital and microscopic results shown here. A simple maintenance program with Home Care has been recommended and we are continuing to track progress every 6 months.

Complete Combination Therapy Hair Loss Treatments addresses all symptoms and causes for 4 months and then we advise how to maintain body balance and hair health and are here as your hair helpers and support group forever more :o))))

All images are 4 months apart and you can see the hair shaft strength, structure, and shine returning with more hair volume.

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Women Hair Loss Treatments Results

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