Womens Hair Loss Treatments with Low Iron

Staying with recent discussion about iron, as Absolique Trichologist I would like to share the result of hard work and long term effort the address severe hair thinning from long term iron deficiency. The images we share here are a four-month comparison to ensure iron levels were raising enough to achieve the desired hair regrowth.

This young lady presented in my clinic back in January 2014 wearing a wig to cover the extent of her hair thinning diffusely all over the scalp with a secondary problem of early onset female pattern thinning at the top, front and recessions of the scalp. It is important to understand here that at a very young age of 22, she had visually noticed hair problems for seven years, which actually means the underlying health problem of severely low iron, had been lingering in the back ground as far back as age 15.

Womens Hair Loss Treatments with Low Iron:

  • Combination therapy
  • Address the hair cell and the hair cycle topically
  • Address the early onset female pattern thinning topically and nutritionally
  • Base support nutritional therapy for cellular correction
  • Pointed iron supplementation addressing low ferritin
  • pH testing and alkalizing
  • 4 monthly blood tests to check ferritin levels working with doctor

In this case we also had the birth control pill that had been introduced at age 17 for acne problems. The pill was changed around a few times because the desired result on skin was not occurring and other complications were arising. So there was a clear history of events that certainly cause both hair loss and hair thinning at the same time over a long period of time.

We had a lot of work to do with the goal of reaching a full head of hair again, as there was no permanent damage, but this would take time to be able to trade the wig for own natural healthy hair. The photos we share here are from April – August 2015. She is now wig free and we check in every 4 months to make sure hair and health are on track because we will never let the hair loss or hair thinning return by sticking with simple and affordable maintenance.

We hope this story inspires someone to take action as it is never too late for Womens Hair Loss Treatments Results. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for further information, our friendly reception team are more than happy to share or hair loss treatments results, combination therapy and appointment procedure. Womens Hair Loss Treatments with Low Iron.

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Womens Hair Loss Treatments with Low Iron